Pint Sized Home is a tiny home builder in the Pacific Northwest.  If you are looking for affordable housing that you can OWN, then look no further.  We create tiny homes that are of quality construction, customized to your lifestyle, and the perfect fit for your life.

Pint Sized Home is a great solution for a variety of situations.  Whether you are looking to own a home, provide yourself with income opportunity, just a place to stay during your frequent trips to another city during your business travels, vacation home, and travel across the United States without ever leaving your home.


Pint Sized Home Mission Statement

Our mission at Pint Sized Home is to build quality pint sized homes at an affordable price.


Own Your Home

Have the ability to own your home without a huge mortgage.


This is a GREAT idea for students who are off to college and can’t afford high rents.


Solution for downsizing and making life simple.


Purchase a tiny home as an investment property and use it as a rental to help pay your mortgage.

Frequent Travelers

See the country while never leaving home.  Take your tiny home wherever you go.

Vacation Home

A tiny home makes a great investment for an affordable vacation home.  You can even have several vacation rental homes in different locations.

Second Home (Tiny Home)

It is always nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives.  A tiny home gives you the ability to get away without a lot of expense.


Our homes are customized to fit the needs of our customers.  No matter what your needs are, we can make a design that is built for you and your lifestyle. Tiny homes can be built to be 100% ADA Compliant for individuals with special needs.


We don’t use the “cookie cutter” approach to building our homes. We keep in mind where it will be located, the weather, and other features needed that would make it feel like home.

Attention Investors

We have various designs to facilitate a homeless village.  If you have land developed or in need of infrastructure call us.  We would like to team up with you and develop much needed shelters for homeless people.