FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do you have questions?  Pint Sized Home is here to help you navigate any questions you might have about purchasing and living in a tiny home.  Tiny homes are GREAT because you don’t need a TON of money to OWN your home.  See the questions and answers below for some helpful tips and answers to some common questions.  If none of the information helps, please feel free to check out our Contact Us Page.

Can I place a tiny home on my land?

To be able to answer this question you need to do some research.  If your land or the land you want to put it on is located within city limits then you will need to call the zoning and/or building department for the city and ask them if you are able to place a tiny house on the property.  If you live outside of the city limits (in the county) then you need to call the county zoning and/or building department and ask them the same question.  Usually, just a phone call or two can get you the correct answers.  Every city and county are different so don’t assume that it is that way for all cities and counties until you do your research.

Do we offer commissions?

Realtors commission is honored from anywhere in the United States.

How long does it take to build a tiny home?

On average it takes us about 4-9 weeks to build a tiny home.  Of course, this is determined by the items you want, the size of your tiny home, and various other factors.  We also provide options and upgrades that can take some additional time, due to availability and installation.

What options/upgrades are available?

This varies upon each model.  However, generally speaking, we offer options and upgrades to appliances, flooring, certain configurations, paint, finishes, and other items.  For more information about the options and upgrades available, please see each model.  If there is an option that is not available but you would still like to see it added to your tiny home, just let us know and we can talk about the possibility of adding it.

*Note: Towable Trailers do have a weight requirement/restriction that needs to be considered so you can easily and safely travel with your tiny home on the road.

Do you offer financing?

For more information about our financing, please check out the Financing Page.

If you are ready to purchase, go to our Contact Us page to get started.

Is it possible to just order a "shell" structure?

Yes.  If you just want the exterior structure only (also referred to as a “shell”) call us for a quote.  We will customize the shell per your request.

How do I Purchase or Start The Order Process?

If you are purchasing a currently built model…..

  1. We require a non-refundable deposit and a signed contract to hold the home
  2. Once you have given us the location that the home will be placed, we will prepare the home for transport
  3. The remainder of the balance due for the home needs to be paid in full before shipping begins
    (Note: Shipping costs of the tiny home is NOT included in the price of the home.)

If you are ordering a new home to be built…..

  1. Contact us with the specifications of your tiny home
  2. A non-refundable deposit and a signed contract to begin work on the tiny home
  3. Once the tiny home is completely built, the remainder balance due of the tiny home needs to be paid in full before shipping begins
    (Note: Shipping costs of the tiny home is NOT included in the price of the home.)
If I don't have land where can I place a tiny home?

Some great places to look are at RV recreational parks and mobile home parks.  You would be surprised at all the options that are available.  For example, we found that some RV recreational parks do have a long-term stay option and will accept tiny homes.  We have also found that some mobile home parks accept tiny homes as well.  Our suggestion is to just contact each one and ask them if they accept tiny homes.

Does a tiny home ALWAYS have to be on a trailer?

No, not all tiny homes are built on trailers however it is highly recommended.  We provide our customers with two different options:

No Trailer (please consult with us)
Allows you to build it on a concrete pillars/foundation on your property, or we can build it at our location and have it shipped to you.

Allows you to move it to any location at any time.  You may be able to place it in a Vacation RV Park or Mobile Home Park.

How do I handle tiny home utilities?

This is a GREAT question, let’s break it down for you.


  1. Electricity – One upgrade that we recommend is the installation of solar panels.  It is a sustainable and highly efficient way to produce electricity without cost.  If living off-the-grid, the use of solar panels/generators are the only way to produce electricity.
  2. Water – There are three different types of water systems in all homes including tiny homes.  First you have the fresh water system.  This is water that can be consumed, used for cooking, showering, flushing the toilet, or washing your hands.  The grey water system, contains some contaminants and is not reusable or allowed for human consumption.  Grey water includes waste water for all sinks, shower, bathtub, disposal, dish washer and washing machine.  The last system is called the black water system and this water comes from your toilet.
    We can provide RV or residential plumbing for your tiny home.  Just let us know what you want and we can make sure it fits your needs.
  3. Cable/Internet – This varies depending on location and the type of equipment you use for your tiny home.
What sizes do you offer?

We start at 70 square feet models and go all the way up to 400 square feet models.

Can my tiny home be delivered?

Yes.  Since we are very very busy building tiny homes for all of our customers, we do not provide shipping/transportation services.  We hire professional movers who can bring the tiny home to you.  Prices for our models do NOT include delivery.  If you have already contacted a shipping/transportation company, then just give us their contact name and number and we can send them the information they need to come and pickup the tiny home.

Can I live in a tiny home?

YES!! There are many people living in a tiny home for different reasons.

Affordable rentals are now at a premium, and many people can not afford to rent studio’s, apartments, and homes while still having the amenities of a home.

Purchasing a home is at an all time high and most people cannot afford to be home owners.  Living in a tiny home affords you the ability of being a homeowner without a 30 year mortgage and large monthly payments.

Travel throughout the country and be able to bring your home on the journey, and park it anywhere.  Enjoy living off-the-grid with no need to hook up or ever pay utilities.

Retired and have your own piece of land and want to live around nature.  What a great way to live off-the-grid and have all the amenities of a home, without the high cost.

The reasons are countless for people to live in a tiny home.

Do you offer rent to own?

At this time, we do NOT offer rent to own for any of our models.  All of our currently built and pre-built models are for sale only.